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Monday, August 11, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Ring

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galaxy ring
The Galaxy Ring, from Samsung, was first available for investment in June 2013. In the United States, it's specifically lugged by Virgin Mobile U.S.A.

The phone runs on the Android os, which is one of the most commonly used mobile system on Earth. TouchWiz, by Samsung, runs on leading of Android 4.1 Jelly Grain on this phone, offering customers a various encounter from Vanilla Android

Battery Life
The Galaxy Ring has a promoted talk time of 8 hrs, which is basically typical as compared to the average of 8 hours.
In terms of electric battery capacity, which is the very best indication of overall battery life, it holds 1,750 mAh, a below par electric battery capability for a mobile phone.

The phone's physical body is 121.92 mm high, 63.5 mm broad, and has a deepness of 11.94 mm, 18 % more thick than a typical mobile phone.
With a weight of 96 grams, it's the first lightest smartphone.
The phone utilizes a touch display keypad to catch user input, which is typical on most contemporary mobile phones.

The Galaxy Ring houses a solitary core 1.4 GHz, MSM8655, Qualcomm processor chip. Its CPU runs at 1.4 GHz, which is somewhat faster compared to average for a mobile phone CPU.
1,024 MB of RAM suggests that it has typical RAM compared to an average smartphone.

The base design of the Galaxy Ring provides 4 GB of inner storage, making it an OKAY choice to shop video, music, and images.
If 4 GB isn't really enough, you can broaden its storage by approximately 64 GB through microSD and microSDHC


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